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Automated Coolant Nozzles

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SpiderCool automated servo coolant nozzle for machining centers is now offered in a "Plug&Play" model. According to the company, standard installation requires an individual with strong electro-mechanical skills. Plug&Play permits the user with only basic skills to install the unit in just 3 to 4 hours. The company chose Fadal for its first plug&play. The plug&play kit includes a custom mounting bracket and coolant manifold designed for Fadal machines, a custom plug-in wiring harness and all hardware, including hoses and fittings. The coolant manifold is ported for an auxiliary loc-line, with shut off, that is provided with the kit. Coolant positions are easily set, says the company, using the servo adjustment knob located on or near the machine control. Initiating a tool change causes SpiderCool's interface to automatically remember that coolant position and associates it with that tool every time it is called into the spindle. Once installed, the unit becomes the primary source of external coolant. There is no need for the machinist to waste time adjusting coolant lines, the company says. The company claims a return on investment of 3 months or less resulting from increased tool life, unattended machining, optimized feedrates and improved operator safety.