Automated Tool Carousel Saves Floor Space

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The company says its automated tool drawer carousel can store the equivalent of 66 tool drawer cabinets in just 56 percent of the floor space, thereby allowing metalworking operations to expand internally. The carousel consists of an oval track with rotating bins containing shelves and RemStore totes that deliver stored items to the operator. Using the horizontal carousels in combination with the totes is said to provide maximum-density tool storage in a smaller space. One carousel can be used independently, or carousels can be used in groups of two or more to create a workstation pod. This pod allows an operator to pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning to be picked the moment the operator is ready.   The carousels can be integrated with one of the QuickPick pick-to-light technologies to provide reduction in search time and increase accuracy, the company says. The QuickPick Position Indicator (QPi), a light bar, is mounted in front of the automated tool drawer carousel and moves vertically up and down to position itself above or below the shelf level. When a pick is ready, the indicator specifies the exact picking location by pointing directly to the tote displaying the quantity to be picked, the part number and description. Additionally, integrating Cribmaster or FastPic inventory control software with the carousel can provide further control over tools, dies and fixtures, the company says.

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