Automatic Door Systems

The company's new Automatic Door Systems adapt to most brands of mill, lathes and other equipment, allowing greater productivity and safety at applications with machine operators and/or fully unattended automated manufacturing cells, the company says. The system uses an air cylinder to operate the opening and closing of the door by using either a manual push button or an M function on the machine. The system includes a door mounted safety strip that quickly exhausts the air pressure if any obstruction is encountered during door closure. Available in various sizes and designed to adapt to mills, lathes and other machines with single or double doors, the systems are said to be an affordable way to eliminate the repetitive task of door opening and closing. To maximize safety, the system includes safety interlocks to quick exhaust air stopping the door, if any obstruction is encountered during door closure. After an emergency or E-stop occurs, a soft start valve slowly returns air to the door system. This prevents any rapid door movement upon recovery. In addition, the "door open" command, whether activated through M functions or manually from the push button, will not function if the spindle or chuck is running. The parent machine must be able to supply or receive signal for interlock feature use and for the system to be controlled by M functions.

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