Automatic Microscopy Transitions To Coordinate Measurement

Nikon Instruments Inc.’s newest addition to its family of CNC video measuring systems, the NEXIV VMR LU series represents the integration reflected light microscopy with measuring capability.


With the inception of this product line, the company says it is striving to achieve new levels in material characterization analysis, failure analysis, 3D image stacking and large image composite stitching that might allow technicians to increase measurement resolution. Users would also be able to use the capabilities of Z scanning to stack images for surface profile and form.


Multiple images are acquired using mechanical automation and are then recombined via software to produce a 3D image, providing users image and metrology discrimination in the coordinate space.


Incorporating the company’s compound microscopes, digital technology, computers and precision positioning components, the system offers potential benefits such as easy operation, fast throughput rates and a 3D surface analysis function. The inherent software has also been designed to improve workflow for video measurement applications using types one through four optical heads.