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Automatically Gather Detailed Control System Data

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Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk historian site edition helps manufacturers automatically identify, gather and configure high speed, detailed data from any control system or human-machine interface software. The company says that, through sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities, manufacturers can use this data to gain greater insight into production operations.

When using historian software applications, manufacturers traditionally need to go to each system on the shop floor to manually identify the data points used to gather production information. In some cases, this may include several thousand data points that would then need to be reviewed, approved and configured with the historian application—a potentially error-prone process that can often take weeks to complete, the company says.

The software automatically discovers all controllers and interface devices on the shop floor and their associated data points. This information is presented to the user who can review and approve the data, which can then be configured by the software within hours.


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