Automation Controller Manages 64 Axes In One Unit

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Control Technology Corp has released the M3-40A dual-axis, servo-control module. The control is one of more than 40 specialized modules for input/output (I/O), motion control and communications that may be installed in the Blue Fusion Model 5300 automation controller. Because a single model 5300 can have as many as 32 I/O modules, the new servo control allows users to accommodate applications with as many as 64 axes of servo motion control. Applications include fast point-to-point, gearing, camming and changing trajectories, the company says. The servo control is a single-slot (0.75" × 4.00") module with on-board processors that accommodate related processing for two axes. To provide advanced motion control performance, the company has fitted each module with a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor as well as its Motion Accelerator Chip (MAC). This gives the servo control the ability to run the company’s 64-bit floating point motion loops and accommodate local high-speed I/O events. Each axis has a precision 16-bit analog output that can command both torque and velocity mode drives, giving the designer great flexibility in motor and drive selection. The encoder feedback rates can be as much as 20 MHz. Each axis has five user-assignable inputs and outputs. The ability to configure and program the servo control is fully integrated into the company’s QuickBuilder automation suite. This software is said to simplify and accelerate the machine development process.