Automation Software Improves Performance For Online Operators

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Available from GE Fanuc, Proficy Machine Edition version 5.60 automation software is designed to reduce programming, configuration, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance costs. The software deploys HMI, motion and multi-target control in an integrated development environment. In addition, all components share a common database and common objects across applications, including logic, scripts and animation. Once a variable is created, it can be used in all other components of a project. Together, the common integrated development environment and database provide a common user interface, drag-and-drop editing and a set of standard tools. One significant enhancement allows users to compare the ladder diagram (LD) logic in the project to the logic in the PACSystems controller. The result is an HTML-based report with hyperlinks that navigate to a side-by-side comparison of differing LD rungs, which are highlighted in color. Another option saves project information to a recovery file every time the project is validated or downloaded in case the program abnormally terminates.

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