Avatara Launches Unified, AI-Driven Communications Suite

Avatara has launched its next-generation CompleteCloud unified communications software. This release includes a self-healing artificial intelligence, Ava.


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A stock image showing an ethernet cord plugged into a globe

Avatara has launched version 2.0 of its CompleteCloud Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform. This platform employs an upgraded version of Avatara Connect and Avatara’s self-healing artificial intelligence (AI), Ava. Avatara says Ava increases productivity through automated issue resolution and informatics that drive business decisions.

“It’s time for executives to stop worrying about IT and instead leverage it as a competitive advantage,” says Ben Scully, president of Avatara. “CompleteCloud 2.0 is a smart platform that was built for security- and productivity-conscious businesses. It’s a single-source solution that’s fully supported with predictable economics.”

Avatara says its unified software answers mobility, compliance and collaboration issues in business technology exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

“Since Avatara was founded in 2005, we’ve been working toward a unified, AI-backed platform that would allow us to collect data in a comprehensive manner that’s never been done before,” says Rob McCormick, founder and CEO of Avatara. “CompleteCloud 2.0 will change the way business owners view, engage with and control their company’s output and cybersecurity.”

The company says CompleteCloud’s big-data-fueled business analytics help business owners make decisions that affect employee productivity and cybersecurity. Additionally, as Ava is a self-learning AI, it will continue to develop and provide more benefits for users — already increasing the level of security and uptime of the engineered core environment since launch.


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