Balance Toolholders With Ease

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Acuro Plus, a new balancing machine from Schunk Inc., is designed to simplify the process of balancing of toolholders. The company characterizes the balancer’s space and energy requirements as minimal. To operate the unit, a user must have a conventional 110-V power connection and 87 psi compressed air.


Within seconds, a complete system, consisting of a toolholder and a tool, can be balanced in one plane. For particularly long systems, balancing can be accomplished in two planes. An adapter system with automatic clamping provides the same pulling forces as an actual machine spindle, the company says. Via a menu-driven system, the basic data input is performed, e.g. desired balancing tolerances in balance quality (optionally G or Q) as well as the specific density of material.


Balancing operations can be carried out on toolholders weighing as much as 33 lbs and measuring 13 ½" in length at speeds ranging from 300 rpm to 1,100 rpm. The dimensional balance accuracy is less than 1 gram mm. The tool data administration on the machine comprises as many as 1,000 tools and tool parameters. Depending upon the balancing process of the toolholders, the user can choose between index measuring or spindle compensation method.



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