Band Saw Separates AM Parts from Base Plates

Kasto Maschinenbau has developed a sawing system for additively manufactured parts, the KastoWin AMC.


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Kasto Maschinenbau has developed a sawing system for additively manufactured parts, the KastoWin AMC. The automatic band saw is designed for individual offcuts of additively manufactured components. Its 180-degree turning device and intelligent control system increase productivity, efficiency, precision and safety.

The band saw’s turning device rotates workpieces by 180 degrees, reducing wear on the saw blade. Only small quantities of chips are drawn through the cutting channel, resulting in an efficient, precise, reliable cutting process. 

The base plate of additively manufactured parts can be bolted to the fixture by a handling unit or crane, or it can be fixed in position by an optional quick-clamping system. The machine is compatible with a suction unit for minimal dust generation. The operator enters the thickness of the base plate in the SmartControl controller and the job wizard, which comes standard. The upper section of the saw, which has a precise ballscrew spindle drive, moves to the height required, and the saw separates the parts with the required tolerance. The machine shuts off when it reaches the end of the cut.

The band saw’s standard cutting range is 400 × 400 mm, with other ranges available on request. The saw has an infinitely-adjustable electromechanical downfeed with servomotor and a frequency-controlled spur gear mechanism that is said to achieve cutting speeds of 12 to 150 m/min. The torsionally-rigid welded structure with vibration-optimized ribbing is designed for quiet operation. A minimum-quantity lubrication system with automatic monitoring provides cooling.

Users can monitor the band saw remotely for troubleshooting and optimization. The company’s specialists can access information from the controller to carry out remote diagnostics, transmit programs and adjust parameters, thereby reducing reaction times and downtimes.