Band Saw Suited for Demanding Environments

Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s H6 SA band saw is designed for high-precision sawing in demanding production environments.

The H6 SA band saw is designed for demanding production environments. The double-column, semi-automatic mitering saw features a heavy, mono-weldment frame canted 6 degrees and can miter from zero to 60 degrees. All functions are fully hydraulic, and saw-feed controls use precision control valves.
The saw features two vises on the in-feed side to ensure material is securely clamped during feeding and sawing operations. The material feeder is controlled by a variable-speed, inverter-drive motor that turns a roller ballscrew and ball nut with recirculating ball bearings, producing a low friction coefficient and stability. The material feeder vise and saw vise are designed to yield the smallest possible remnant end, minimizing leftover waste.
The saw blade measures 1 ¼ × 17.4 ft. and operates at 60 to 360 fpm. Material work height is 32 ¼" with a vise opening of 23 ½". Capacities are 20" at 90 degrees, 17 ½" at 45 degrees, and 9 ½" at 60 degrees. 

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