Band Sawing Machines For High Production

This line of high-production, dual-column, band-sawing machines includes Model CP-21A, which has a 2" blade for greater beam strength. The 10-hp AC inverter band drive system produces speeds from 40 to 360 fpm for cutting a range of materials as large as 21" in diameter. It features a control unit with 12" color touchscreen, a split-front vise with dual-range clamping for larger workpieces and a floating-style index assembly with incremental index capability. According to the company, a head design that is tilted back 30 degrees helps minimize band twist and reduces band fatigue. The saw also has a quick-start feature that allows the automatic setting of band speed and feed rates based on material type, a 36" high chip auger that discharges into a 55-gallon drum and easy access to coolant and hydraulic systems. Also on display will be Model SM-16D dual-swivel scissors-type saw, Model 2613-V3 vertical contour saw and Model 2012-D12 diamond saw for cutting friable materials.

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