Bar Feed For Fast Turning And Four-Minute Change-Overs

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Designed and built by LNS America, the Quick Six accommodates barstock with lengths ranging from 18" to 6' and diameters ranging from 5/16" to 3-1/8".

While 12' barstock is commonly used, 6' barstock can turn at a faster rpm, thereby improving throughput, the company says. These smaller bars are also said to be less likely to present bent bar and out-of-tolerance conditions.

Using an oil-based hydrostatic support system, the bar feed is designed to enable turning machines to operate at peak rpm. A menu-driven remote control prompts users through setups, and program data are stored on smart media cards for upgrades or changes. The standard chain magazine holds eight pieces of barstock. An optional side load rack and bar elevator holds as many as 50 6-foot bars to provide periods of unattended operation.



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