Bar Feeds Provide Stability For Orthopedic Screws, Dental Implants

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The Express automatic bar feed series from LNS America is said to provide barstock stability and optimum spindle speeds needed for machining medical components such as orthopedic screws and pins, dental implants, needle guide assemblies for gas chromatographs and other medical components. Additionally, these automatic bar feeds facilitate change-overs in as little as 2 minutes, and they hold sufficient barstock for unattended, lights-out operation. The result is increased productivity and operating efficiencies, the company says. The hydrostatic bearing design supports barstock to allow the lathe to operate at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy, while the exclusive Swiss-machine connection tube supports material in the critical gap as the machine spindle moves forward. The company’s intelligent synchronization constantly monitors sliding headstock and bar feeding movements to anticipate headstock motion and synchronize the movements of the pusher and lathe headstock. A 3-S synchronization option is offered for special applications involving part diameters smaller than 3 mm or materials such as titanium, platinum and other challenging alloys.

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