Bar/Chucker With Open-Front Design And More

Index Corporation says its MS52, a six-spindle CNC bar/chucker with 2' (52 mm) bar capacity and 4" (100 mm) chuck capacity, is useful for medium- to high-volume production of chucked parts. Its open-front work area permits robot loading of virtually all types of forgings, castings or extrusions (with diameters as large as 4').   A shuttle system, pallet or belt-type conveyor system can be used to transport parts to the robot loader. 

Made possible by the absence of the end slide tool carrier and opposed headstock, the open-front design also provides ease of operation and ergonomic convenience, resulting in potential time-savings during setup, change-over and tool change, according a company spokesman. Another potential benefit of using the machine is unrestricted chip flow.


Featuring a customized three-ring face tooth coupling mechanism, the spindle drum is said to offer precise indexing. The vertically-arranged CNC tool carrier is designed for quick-change and pre-settable tooling. Live tools, OD or ID may be employed in any slide position, and as many as three ID tools can be mounted in a gang-style arrangement on any of the two-axis slides. The result, according to the company, is extended tool capacity. 


A variety of live tool attachments can be mounted in virtually any spindle position, for drill/mill operations, as well as for polygon generating (even in stainless) and gear- hobbing. The optional Y axes on the slides and C axes on the main spindles extend the application range of the company’s CNC multi-spindle machines to complete parts in one setup and eliminate secondary operations.



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