Barrier Film Provides Long-Term Metal Protection

Designed for use on all types of cast iron, steel and MIM components that are machined or have characteristics such as blind holes, recesses and uneven surfaces, Dri Touch Amber rust blocker forms a colorless, odorless barrier film that is dry-to-the-touch and said to be resistant to humidity and corrosion. According to manufacturer Birchwood Casey, the coating does not drain off parts or wick off into packaging materials. Hand tools and motor assemblies that contain metallic and non-metallic components are applications for which the product is suited. The rust inhibitor penetrates and removes water from recessed areas without damaging non-metallic components such as grips, handles, fasteners and enclosures. The company also notes that the film suitable for use as a topcoat over black oxide or phosphate conversion coatings. It is also useful for parts that are shrink-packaged or blister-packaged, as well as for the long-term storage of uncoated metal surfaces, such as tools, fixtures, dies and molds. The solvent solution is available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

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