Battery-Powered Sumpcleaner

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Cecor, Inc. offers a battery-powered sumpcleaner to clean dirty sumps and filter coolant. Without emissions, cords, plugs or hoses, the unit moves unobstructed through plant aisles and around machine tools. According to the company, the rechargeable battery can last a full shift. The cleaners use high suction to lift and remove all coolant, chips and sludge in the sump, the company says. The filter then separates the solids from the coolant and pumps the cleaned coolant back to the machine tool sump or transports it to a central system. The lobe, positive-displacement pump generates suction lift to 13" Hg. and pumps 110 gpm. The 300-gallon tank features a 5 cu. ft. capacity filter that can hold as much as 800 lbs of solids. A tow-base with pintle-eye hitch accommodates in-plant tugs or tractors.

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