Beckett Packaging Protective Tool Covers Fit Cutting Tools

Beckett Packaging’s new Protective Tool Cover series can stretch to fit a wide variety of imperial and metric tool sizes.


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New vinyl dip-molded Protective Tool Covers from Beckett Packaging provide a durable, stretching solution for a secure fit on tools, drill bits, taps, endmills or the cutting surface of other items which need protection.

The company says a small range of cover sizes will fit snugly over a wide range of imperial and metric tool sizes. It recommends using these covers to protect and organize stored cutting tools at workspaces and in tool drawers, chests or cabinets. Beckett Packaging offers all of its parts in box, mini-pack and micro-pack quantities.


  • Measuring Taper For Toolholders And Spindle Applications

    Companies concerned about strict quality requirements regularly check toolholder tapers for wear or inaccuracy because these conditions can jeopardize the results of a critical operation. However, a shop can check tapers quickly and reliably with air gages. These devices can be used effectively without special operator training. For measuring taper in a production environment, few other methods can match the speed and performance of air, as multiple-circuit air jets can be placed in very small taper gages.

  • The Real Cost Of Runout

    A seemingly small amount of runout can still be too large for the tool. Reduce this runout, and tool life or productivity may dramatically increase.

  • Ultrasonic-Assisted Machining with Standard Machines and Tools

    A system to be marketed in 2015 will apply ultrasonic vibration from within the toolholder to reduce cutting force and improve the performance of the cut.