Bed Mill Features Servo Remote On Column For Easy Access

B1 and B2 bed type milling machines utilize the Acu-Rite MILLPWR control. The new models are said to be capable of being programmed easily on the shop floor as well as having the capacity to import DXF files. The B1 and B2 models also have the ability to generate 3D contouring programs offline. The bed mills incorporate a standard (W) fourth-axis quill mounted scale that is tied to the Z-axis travel of the column. The manufacturer has also removed the motor drive from the servomotor assembly and offers a servo remote positioned on the column. This allows easy access for adjustments and service. The B1 and B2 Series machines incorporate a box column, square way design constructed of Meehanite cast iron. Accuracy is achieved through the use of Acu-Rite precision glass scale feedback and the PMI precision ballscrews are supported at both ends with 60-degree contact support bearings. Turcite on the slide surfaces allow for smooth movement over the machines entire travel.

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