Belt-Type Oil Skimmers

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BSK Series belt-type oil skimmers are said to remove floating tramp oil quickly and efficiently from metalworking fluids and aqueous parts washing solutions. Floating tramp oil in machine tool coolant reservoirs encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria and algae that degrade the coolant, resulting in poor machining, corrosion, premature tool wear, foul odors and skin irritation, according to the company. Free oil floating in an aqueous parts cleaner tank is said to interfere with the detergent's cleaning ability and can redeposit soils on cleaned parts. The company says its belt-type oil skimmers can solve these floating oil problems. According to the company, these skimmers are stainless steel construction for reliable performance; precision engineered to maximize oil removal; made of UL/CSA listed components for safety; and easy to retrofit to existing equipment. Standard sizes are available to fit virtually any tank, says the company, and the belt-type oil skimmers can be customized for OEM applications.

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