Benz' Hybrix Tool Carrier Increases Speed

EMO 2019: Benz’s Hybrix is a star-shaped rotating tool carrier system with a fixed housing.


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Benz’s Hybrix is a star-shaped rotating tool carrier system with a fixed housing. The product has one of multiple motor spindles with integrated automatic toolchangers that can be used with any machine type. Designs in crown- and star-shaped turrets (single or multiple rows) are available.

Machines equipped with the Hybrix are said to demonstrate increases in power density and maximum speeds. Depending on the Hybrix design users choose, tools can be changed during machining time.


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    Companies concerned about strict quality requirements regularly check toolholder tapers for wear or inaccuracy because these conditions can jeopardize the results of a critical operation. However, a shop can check tapers quickly and reliably with air gages. These devices can be used effectively without special operator training. For measuring taper in a production environment, few other methods can match the speed and performance of air, as multiple-circuit air jets can be placed in very small taper gages.