Big Kaiser's EWA Enables Handling of Multiple Bore Sizes

EMO 2019: Big Kaiser’s EWA is a fully automated, integrated machine tool system.


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With Big Kaiser’s EWA digital boring head system, there is no need to stop the machine tool to take measurements and manually adjust boring tools. Scrapping workpieces because of human error is mitigated, the company says, thereby reducing costs, improving accuracy and accommodating multiple bore sizes and repeatable bore sizes.

The EWA can be used in three primary configurations. It can be operated as a standalone tool controlled by a tablet with a wireless connection. For legacy machine tools, a PC interface between the machine tool and the EWA can be used to provide a fully automated, closed-loop control cycle. Commands are sent from the machine tool to the EWA, automatically adjusting or stopping the machining process when required. For newly developed machine tools, EWA control software can run directly on the machine’s CNC to provide an equivalent level of automatic control, requiring no external control device.