Big Kaiser's Speroni SPI Streamlines Data Transfer

Big Kaiser’s Speroni SPI for tool presetting speeds up tool measurement input while reducing opportunities for user error.


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A photo of Big Kaiser's Speroni SPI for tool presetting

The Speroni Simple Post Interface (SPI) for tool presetting is Big Kaiser’s latest Industry 4.0 technology. The company says SPI accelerates transferring tool measurements to a machine tool while maintaining precision and accuracy.

Instead of requiring the user to obtain and input data by hand, SPI prints a tool label with a QR code at the presetter that an SPI module at the machine control reads. The system can also send measurements directly into the tool NC’s offset table.

While SPI is compatible with all Big Kaiser-offered presetters, using SPI with the Intelligo Tool Management solution allows tool or setup managers to remotely monitor tool life. Managers will be able to easily identify tools that need repairs or replacement for continued performance, the company says.

SPI is available for Okuma, FANUC, Heidenhain, Siemens and Mitsubishi controls.


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