Black Oxide Finishing Line

Faster turnaround of high quality finished parts to satisfy customers is one of the important benefits of the company's new in-house BC40 Tru Temp black oxide finishing system. Compared to sending parts to outside vendors for finishing, this in-house system provides black finishes on iron and steel components in less than 20 minutes.

The seven-tank line uses a two-step chemistry that produces a true black magnetite finish of 0.00002" thickness, satin black in appearance and comparable to conventional hot oxide. Because the process contains no EPA regulated chemicals, there is usually no need for waste treatment equipment. In most sewer districts, the rinse waters are allowed in sewers as non-hazardous effluent.

The system operates at 200°F compared to dangerous hot oxides that usually operate at 290°F. Also, severe splattering and boil-over hazards are not present.

The process is designed for all dimensionally critical parts including machine components, gears and power drive components. It meets military specification MIL-DTL-13924C Class 1 and AMS2485. By keeping the finishing process in-house, part quality and inventory control is better managed, making ISO compliance easier.

The system has seven individual tanks (16" × 24" × 24" deep) with a total footprint of 3' × 15'. These tanks are constructed of either 10 gauge welded steel (epoxy painted) or 1/2" welded polypropylene and are supplied with all needed heaters and plumbing connections.

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