Blum-Novotest's Digilog with LC-Vision Software Ensures Process Reliability

IMTS Spark: Blum-Novotest’s Digilog workpiece and tool measuring system speed measurement by recording thousands of measured values per second.


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Blum-Novotest Digilog with LC-Vision

Blum-Novotest’s Digilog workpiece and tool measuring system speed measurement by recording thousands of measured values per sec. The device also is said to maximize process reliability through data stream evaluation.

The new visualization and evaluation software LC-Vision improves tool measurement by displaying a live visualization and analysis of the values recorded during the measuring process directly on the machine control. This makes it possible to draw conclusions about machine tool spindle health, the quality of new tools and their service life as well as provide preventative maintenance data, the company says, all of which is displayed to the operator on the control screen.

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