Bore Gages Provide Visually-Intuitive Control

PG series bore gages combine lab-precise accuracy (±0.000025") with a shop-hardened, all-mechanical design, the company says. They are designed to bring reliable ID gaging to the shop floor with no need for electrical or air connections, making them immune to fluctuations in line voltage or air pressure. A single gage can measure a wide range of part diameters. Compact and portable, the gages can be mounted right at machining stations. Gaging fixtures enable simple, two-minute setup while eliminating the need for plug gages, mikes, master rings or micrometers, the company says. The bore gages are built to remove complexity, skill and “feel” from the measurement process, allowing machine operators to confirm part size with a visually-intuitive analog scale that provides readouts to 0.00005" (0.001 mm). Various models are available for gaging IDs from 0.09" to 4.310". Metric models cover IDs from 2 mm to 109.47 mm. The bore gages can be used to examine the entire bore for diameter, taper, barrel, bell mouth, lobing and out-of-round conditions. A sliding faceplate with adjustable stops permits end-to-end examination of bores, although stops can be set to allow examination of a particular section of the bore.

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