Boring Tool Kits Accommodate Various Spindle Tapers


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Allied Machine & Engineering has added three Criterion boring kits to its lineup: a kit for 1.00" cylindrical shanks, another for R8 shanks and a third kit for #4 Morse taper shanks. The boring tool kits were developed for a selection of diameters ranging from 0.125" to 4.000", and can be used on virtually any machine spindle, from Morse taper to HSK, the company says.

These boring kits are said to provide cost savings over purchasing individual components. They also offer setup versatility for tool rooms in high-production facilities as well as in smaller contract job shops. The kits are contained in sleek, sturdy cases to assist in tooling inventory organization as well as in transporting them from one machine to the next.

The company says that kits may not be for everyone, but can be an advantage for shops working on different projects from day to day.


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