Brass Fittings

The company's Prestolok fittings have a working pressure range up to 300 PSI at 0° to +200°F, with vacuum applications dependent upon temperature and type of tubing used. According to the company, these compact, one-piece brass fittings are designed for fast assembly, disassembly and re-assembly without tools, and accept polyethylene, nylon or soft metal tubing. These fittings are available in a range of sizes and configurations. The fittings feature an elastic metal grab ring that grips the tubing securely, and a nitrile O-ring that forms a positive seal. Once in the fitting, the tubing can rotate freely, even under pressure, the company says. Swivels on the male pipe threaded shapes permit precise positioning and easy installation in tight spaces. (The fittings must never be used for live swivel applications.)