Bridge Mill For High Speed, Net-Shape Machining

The Hi-Net DMC-1500HN by Johnford is designed for aerospace manufacturers and mold/die shops wanting speed, rigidity and precision in a double-column machining center. Absolute Machine Tools offers this 33,000-lb bridge mill, which is specifically engineered for high speed, net-shape machining of complex 3D parts.   The the machining center accommodates a variety of materials at high feed rates and with a high degree of accuracy, the company says, adding that it possesses heavy Meehanite castings that provide the strength and vibration dampening required for quality surface finishes and long cutting tool life. The columns and bridge are a one-piece casting for rigidity. The Z-axis head and Y-axis saddle feature square box ways and diagonally arranged ribs to minimize distortion.   The machining center features a moving table/fixed-column design for maximum rigidity. A 90-degree bridge with offset Y-axis ways and a wide saddle keep the spindle center line close to the bridge for further rigidity. The X-axis table traverse is accomplished via Schneeberger roller linear ways for accurate positioning of heavy workpieces. Large diameter, pretensioned ballscrews and powerful servomotors further ensure accurate positioning, the company says.   The bridge mill delivers X,Y and Z travels of 59" × 35" × 30" and rapid rates of 944" × 944" × 590" in X, Y and Z. The machine can accommodate table loads as heavy as 10,120 lbs.