Bridge Mill Offers High-Speed Machining

The Johnford Hi-Net DMC-1500HN bridge mill is designed for high-speed machining of complex aerospace and die/mold components. Available from Absolute Machine Tools, Inc., the bridge mill uses Meehanite castings to provide rigidity and vibration damping for improved surface finishes and longer tool life. The Z-axis head and Y-axis saddle feature square boxways and diagonally arranged ribs to minimize distortion over years of service. The bridge mill delivers XYZ travels of 59" x 35" x 30" and XYZ rapid rates of 944 ipm x 944 ipm x 590 ipm. It can support workpieces as heavy as 10,120 lb. A 15,000-rpm HSK-100A spindle delivers 56 hp and 300 foot-pounds of torque at 1,000 rpm to allow heavy cutting and fine finishing. An optional 24,000-rpm spindle is available.