Bridge-Type Mills Combine Speed, Power

IMTS 2018: Previously available with either high speed or high power, Taurus machines now offer both. 

Waldrich Coburg’s Taurus 25 and 30 bridge-type milling machines were originally available in two models: a high-speed version with 20,000 rpm and a high-power version with 6,000 rpm. Now, the company offers both high speed and high power in the same machine.

The Taurus 25 has an X-axis travel measuring 5 m (196.8"), a table measuring 2 × 4 m (78.7" × 157.5"), a clearance height of 2 m (78.7") and a ram stroke of 1.5 m (59"). The Taurus 30 has an X-axis travel measuring 6 m (236"), a table measuring 2.5 × 5 m (98" × 196.8"), a clearance height of 3 m (118.1") and a ram stroke of 1.5 m (59"). 

The Taurus series is available with either Heidenhain TNC 640 or Siemens 840D sl controls. Machines include an automatic toolchanger with 100 tool pockets and four locations for automatic spindle unit changes.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Waldrich Coburg GmbH

South, Level 3, Booth 339174

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