Briquetters Driven By Kinetic Energy

The Chipmunk metal compactor briquetter is engineered as an energy-efficient, high-output system for compacting aluminum and steel/ductile iron chips. The compactor is available in two models weighing 45 metric tons and 125 metric tons, respectively. Both use a hydraulically driven in-feed auger that separates most unwanted solids from chips prior to the compacting cycle. The system features a mechanical kinetic energy drive for energy efficiency. It generates as much as 50,000 psi compaction force to transform metalworking chips into dense, dry, 3 ½" × 1 ¼" pucks. These pucks are automatically discharged from chute to container, ready for shipment to the recycler. A floor tray holds recovered coolant.                                                                 Both models deliver to an 8:1 compaction ratio and reclaim expensive cutting fluids. Additional operating features include simple change-over from one chip material to another; programmable controls that allow automated or manual operation; and low mounted hopper for fast and easy off-loading, the company says.