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5/27/2004 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cabinet-Style Washer

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The RCW-36E is a rotary parts washer with a stainless steel cabinet.  The company says their washer is suited to manufacturing cell applications in larger plants or shop locations that are specifically for parts washing and drying.   The washer has a turntable measuring 36", which the company says allows for the cleaning of larger parts or larger batches of smaller parts.
The company says their unit offers a spray system arrangement that assures coverage of parts, two removable parts baskets that hold large individual parts or many smaller parts to be washed at the same time and a collection channel to clean the tank.  Other features include a door on the top to allow loading the turntable from an overhead hoist if desired.

Requiring floor space measuring 4 ft x 4 ft, the washer is frontloading with a work opening that measures 32" x 36" and a load height of 31 ½".

Standard with the washer are an oil wheel collection tank, removable chip basket, adjustable spray pressure control, door safety interlock, adjustable wash cycle timer and electric immersion heater. Also available, the company says, are a tank level option that offers heater protection and automatically maintains liquid level in the tank and protective coating on the parts baskets for delicate parts cleaning.


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