Cable Management For Rotary Tables


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The Autocoupler, a compact version of the company's continuous connection cable management technology, is said to offer unmanned cable connection of rotary tables in pallet pools.


The previous system, configured from "off-the-shelf" components, was limited to large horizontal machining center (HMC) applications of 800 mm pallets and up. The updated version can address 400 mm pallet applications.


The company says that the operator no longer has to physically disconnect the table from the machine tool and store the cables in the machine cavity.


One side of the coupler is secured to the center post of the HMC on the pallet shuttle door while the opposite side is mounted to the back of the rotary table. A guide pin reinforces the electrical and pneumatic connection between the machine tool and rotary table. The machine tool's PLC communicates with the cell controller in order for the machine tool to recognize the coupler and differentiate when the pallet has been delivered. Once machining is complete, the PLC and cell controller communicate, the coupler disconnects and the pallet moves into the pool.


The system is adaptable with most horizontal machining centers.