CAD Software Designed For Ease-Of-Use

Developed to focus more on product design than the workings of the tools that support it, one of SolidWorks 2007's most prominent features is SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT). One notable SWIFT tool is the FeatureXpert, which is designed to help users save time when determining the order in which they create part features such as drafts and fillets. The tool automatically creates the new features in the proper order the designers intended.


Other SWIFT tools include the SketchXpert and the MateXpert. The former is designed to resolve dimensional and relational conflicts when sketching, while the latter is designed to remove conflicts that arise when users add or modify mated parts. In addition to SWIFT technology, the application features a single search used to find anything related to the user's 3D design work on the desktop, in shared files, in the product data management (PDM) system or in the supply chain universe.


The program also includes enhancements to capabilities such as Sketch Blocks and Design Checker. To help teams refine designs at all stages of work, 2D sketches of belts, chains, pulleys and gears now automatically exhibit multipart interaction in the Sketch Blocks capability. In addition, the Design Checker features autocorrection and the ability to "learn" from a finished drawing. Other product features include new consumer-design and assembly-interaction capabilites, as well as a free-form surfacing tool.

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