CAD Software For Progressive Tool Design

Equipped with all the standard features of Missler Software's TopSolid, TopSolid'Progress is a fully integrated CAD module developed specifically for progressive tool design. The application manages all cutting, folding and deforming stages of sheet metal, as well as non-standard matrices and the creation of die sets, punches and drafts.


Some of the major additions to the new version of the software are improvements to BlankWizard, a module that allows die designers to define required blanks and design strips in a completely associative process. The module now features material characteristic and analytical result analysis. It also can generate wireframe unfolding, touching up curves to obtain simpler geometries in initial strip stages. Other improvements to strip creation include a calculation function of the median surface of sheet metal, an option to automatically prolong bends on connected neighbor faces and manual calculation tools for geometery of intermediary deformation stages.


For defining standard die bases, a new assistant can import model die bases equipped with guiding elements, fixations and more. For component management, the software features improved treatment of equipped components, extension of process mechanisms associated with components, improved functions for the definition of components and restructuring of ergonomy and libraries.

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