CAD/CAM Enables Faster Machining for Aerospace

Missler Software’s TopSolid’Cam is designed to enable users to machine parts more quickly and more precisely, particularly in the aerospace industry.


Missler Software’s TopSolid’Cam is designed to aerospace manufacturers to machine parts more quickly and more precisely while providing high quality and reliability.
Pockets, which are common in aerospace parts, often have very thin and fragile walls. The CAD/CAM software enables users to carry out finishing operations on these walls using Z-level cycles, which help prevent unnecessary weakening and reduce programming times. Multi-pocketing also enables automatic running of processes on faces that are detected and selected by the operator, leading to faster machining times.
The software also features real-time stock management functions that tell id the condition of the stock before each machining operation. Tool paths are calculated for each operation based on the stock left behind after previous operations.
Other key functions of the software include cycles dedicated to high-speed machining; five-axis roll machining on surfaces that cannot be developed; machining of composite materials for longer tool life; programming of turn-mill machines; knowledge and management of machine kinematics; collision management; machine replacement; and automatic loading/positioning. 


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