CAD/CAM Software Avoids Overwriting Master Tombstone Assembly

Vero Software’s Edgecam 2018 R2 improves productivity for a range of cutting technologies and machining strategies with added features.


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Vero Software’s Edgecam 2018 R2 improves productivity for a range of cutting technologies and machining strategies with added features.

The Tombstone Manager features an Add Tombstone function to ensure users never overwrite their master tombstone assembly. The tombstone can also accommodate an unlimited number of components. Once inserted, the tool paths are automatically merged. 

As an improvement to the Pre-Drill approach strategy, the software automatically creates drill-hole positions and keeps the drilling tool path associative to the Roughing cycle. This enables users to deploy multi-level and depth functions within a hole cycle to automatically locate the best entry position for the drill cycle.

The Rough Turn cycle includes several lead parameters enabling the user to roll in and out of each cut with a tangential arc. A bi-directional tool path can be created for use in conjunction with Sandvik Coromant’s CoroTurn Prime turning inserts. The cycle’s collision detection capability automatically removes potential crashes between the tool and the tailstock.

The Thread Mill cycle has been enhanced for closer toolpath control and greater flexibility. Five new parameters allow users to deploy peck and multi-pass tool paths for machining hard materials or when a better surface finish is required. Further options in the Lead tab add control with toolpath ordering.

When forced to use the same tool number, but for different tools, programmers in the turning environment can now use the Replace Active Tool function so that the simulator will only display a single tool in the turret during playback. 

The software’s Designer, Inspection and Wire EDM modules have been updated with added support and new tools for enhanced performance. Additional program updates include new functions in the Preferences section, an improved toolpath algorithm and added features to Rotary mode. 


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