CAD/CAM Software For Wire EDM Programming

Developed to reduce programmer interaction and increase machining flexibility, CNC Software's Mastercam X Wire CAD/CAM software delivers part modeling and EDM programming, tab creation and wirepath verification. The part-modeling portion of the application features "live" geometry, which allows users to modify the part until it meets their specifications. The program includes 2D and 3D geometry creating with wireframe and surface modeling, and associative dimensions update as users change the model.


Tools for EDM programming include two- and four-axis programming, two-axis contouring with or without taper angle and no-cure cutting. Also featured are four-axis synchronization with automatic skim and reverse cuts, as well as four-axis surface finish by chordal deviation.


Designed to increase ease-of-use, the application features full associativity. This allows users to modify geometry, tooling information and machining parameters to obtain an accurate, updated toolpath. The operations manager provides a single place to create, modify and analyze the toolpath, while user-customizable wire power libraries store power settings and other registers for rough and skim passes.

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