CAD/CAM Solution Includes Automated Drill Programming Capability

Cimatron’s CAD/CAM solution for tooling optimization, CimatronE version 8, includes automated drill programming capabilities. Designed for ease of use, Automated Drill is a drill programming application that supports two-and-a-half to five-axis manufacturing and gundrilling. It can recognize hundreds of holes within seconds in operations with three, four or five axes, the company says. Hole-recognition algorithms take both geometric and non-geometric properties into consideration. Holes are sorted into groups, and the system assigns the correct drilling sequence to each hole.


In addition, the drilling application is integrated with the system’s mold and die design to enable creation of holes with relevant geometric data when catalog parts are added to the assembly. Stock-recognition capabilities consider the stock existing above the hole before it is machined, enabling operators to assign the appropriate drilling sequence. According to the company, this is useful for saving time and reducing errors when drilling is performed before milling operations. In addition, the application enables users to define new drilling sequences on-the-fly. User-defined drilling sequences are automatically saved for future use.

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