CAD/CAM System With 2D, 3D Technology

BobCAD-CAM has released its 2007 2D and 3D CAD/CAM system, which offers a complete CAD design package and feature-driven CAM engine. OpenGL graphics for part rendering and viewing, CAM tree associativity, multi-feature drilling and pocket milling operations are standard to the system. Full 3D cutting operations include Z-level (waterline) roughing and finishing, and the company says the equidistant offset contour tool path maintains tool stepover regardless of the model’s surface. The system offers full associativity between the CAM tree and the CAD geometry, so changes can be made easily to cutting parameters, the company says. The job is then automatically updated in the tree. The system can also be purchased as a 2D-only system for shops that do not need 3D cutting power.

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