CAM For High Speed And Medical Machining Applications

CGS North America's CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool Version 5. 0, is designed for mold and die machining.


CGS North America's CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool Version 5.0, is designed for mold and die machining. It is also used for high speed machining, hard milling and medical applications. This updated software features many improvements and new toolpath strategies.

The second level of the MX-S5 release is available for the mold and die makers requiring a five-axis, simultaneous output to minimize length-to-diameter ratios of tooling. A special Z-level finishing path is capable of machining undercuts. There is also a swarf cutting profile. According to the company, a CL editor capable of turning three-axis tool paths into five-axis, simultaneous tool paths simplifies the learning curve.

Other features include 3D offset cutting, which is one of the toolpath profiles, that allows more efficient machining for larger tooling, the company says. Z-level finishing is said to more efficiently machine larger tools and also decrease calculation time. Users can also machine STL geometry within this release. APT output is available for use with simulation software.

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