CAM Program Features New Machining Strategies

The latest version of Delcam’s CAM software, PowerMill 8.0, includes various enhancements to area clearance toolpaths, machining strategies, toolpath editing and more. An improvement to area clearance tool paths allows users to add different styles of “tails” to tool paths with certain stepover conditions. In addition, the software includes new strategies for manufacturing blisk and impeller parts. The three strategies provide simultaneous five-axis area clearance, hub finishing and blade finishing.


Another option allows tool paths to follow the surface internal lines where possible to improve surface swarf machining. Also, a toolpath editing tool allows the user to redefine the tool axis vectors within a specified region of the tool path. ViewMill simulations can be created and viewed with a 3D model of the stock. This allows the user to rotate and view the machining model from any direction during and after the simulation. Other features include a tool database that allows users to search for specific tools as well as new machining strategies geared specifically toward disk cutters.

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