CAM Software Designed For Complex Machining Work

Version 9 of the PowerMill CAM software offers a solution for complex machining operations and more control for machinists, the company says. This software version includes functionality enhancements designed to enable faster programming and faster machining. The software reduces calculation times and offers a streamlined user interface to speed and simplify programming. Additionally, toolpath ordering is said to be more efficient, especially for roughing and rest machining. This minimizes tool “air cutting,” the company says. The software is intended to help inexperienced and casual users generate high-quality tool paths for high speed and five-axis machines tools. It also allows experienced users to generate tool paths based on virtually any 3D curve. The company says an offline approach to programming ensures that a fully detailed record of the entire manufacturing process is maintained. This record makes it easier for jobs to be repeated by different employees who may be at different locations. It also ensures that a consistent production approach is maintained. In addition, offline programming is said to make simulation of the complete process easier and more reliable.

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