CAM Software Enhances Support for Multi-Point Tools, Tapered Threads

3D Systems has released the 2016 version of its GibbsCAM software for production machining.

3D Systems has released the 2016 version of its GibbsCAM software for production machining. Building on the Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM) technology of the previous edition, this version delivers a variety of improvements to increase efficiency, accelerate programming speed, and enhance visualization and accuracy for CNC machine programming. The software is applicable for a range of programming and machining operations including solid modeling, high-speed machining, two- to five-axis milling, wire EDM, and multitasking as well as additive manufacturing.

This version features enhanced thread milling, including support for multi-point tools, tapered threads for both single- and multi-point tools, and improved simulation.

The latest VoluMill technology provides new toolpath strategies to optimize high-speed roughing of large pockets and slots, open face milling strategies that can decrease cutting time by as much as 60 percent, and Technology Expert integration for ready access to optimal speeds and feeds.

Additional toolpath strategies for five-axis milling enable users to define toolpath direction using the natural flow of a surface with the new Flowline option. Tool paths can also now be extended in width as well as length. Additional enhancements include improved five-axis drilling, multi-stepped pocket roughing and new gouge-checking strategies.

New oriented turning capabilities provide added control over how tools interact with parts. Support is provided for situations such as using a single tool at multiple B orientations, reorienting tool groups for use on a different spindle, and Flash Tooling for multiple-orientation turning tools.

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