CAM Software Features Five-Axis Option

To further extend the machining capability of GibbsCAM CAM software, Gibbs and Associates offers a module that supports five-axis simultaneous milling. The five-axis option contains capabilities for multi-surface roughing and finishing, flowline machining and swarf cutting. The adaptable interface, which is based on part-type strategy, shows only what is needed. The module also features gouge protection to ensure safe cuts in complex operations, and it provides users with complete control over entry/exit, cut-to-cut and between-cut moves, the company says.


When combined with the company’s MTM option, the five-axis module can support multitasking machining centers with articulated live tooling. In addition, the module is integrated with the machine simulation option, allowing users to virtually set up and prove-out five-axis programs from the machine tool. The module is also supported by Virtual Gibbs’ integration with CGTech’s Vericut machine simulation application. According to the company, the increased control provided by the five-axis option can result in collision avoidance, improved surface finish and reduced tool wear. 

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