CAM Software Features Solid Modeling Kernel, New Graphics Interface

SmartCAM V14 is equipped with features designed to improve CAD capability, productivity, usability and visualization. Complete 3D solid model support has been added to the entire product family, which includes applications for milling, production milling, freeform machining, turning, production turning, wire EDM and fabrication. Previously incorporated into only the milling and freeform machining modules, the ACIS solid modeling kernel is now included in all applications. The software also features 3D application support, which allows users to import 3D solids, surface and wireframe data via SAT, IGES, DXF and DWG files. The use of OpenGL graphics in the main user window provides rendering of solids with transparency, integrated dynamic viewing of models, shaded-surface picking and improved graphics performance. Enhanced geometry capabilities enable the creation of boundary and slice profiles from a group of surfaces. The boundary function creates a composite boundary from multiple adjacent surfaces that share common edges, while the slice function creates a slice from an entire solid or from a subset of user-specified surfaces. A hole-flip option changes the entry side of through-holes. In addition, applications for milling and turning are equipped with high speed milling features, such as true spiral pocketing, trochoidal slotting and plunge roughing.

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