CAM Software Includes Milling, Turning And EDM Enhancements

DP Technology says its Esprit 2008 CAM software is useful for producing aluminum housings for bone and tissue shavers in addition to complex, multi-axis medical parts made with steels, plastics, composites, foams and exotic metals.


For milling, the software includes open pocket features and open pocket machining cycles to provide flexibility and fast cycle times when machining pockets with open edges and closed walls, the company says. These machining cycles enable the tool to hang partially over the open edge, providing improved edge finish and a constant cutter load throughout the cycle. 


During turning operations, stock automation technology allows the software to maintain awareness of the state of stock at all times. After each turning operation is created, the software updates the stock to reflect the actual remaining material based on the machining cycles and cutting tools used. This allows the software to automatically manage lead-in and lead-out distances and moves. This can also avoid gouging material or crashing tools, resulting in improved part program quality and reduced programming time, the company says. In addition, the software features a B-axis contouring cycle that allows dynamic, continuous rotation of the B axis throughout the cut as the tool follows inner and outer contours without stopping for tool changes.


A rotate entry point strategy for EDM operations allows users to alternate the start point on profiles with multiple cutting passes. This option is designed to be used when cutting a die on which the programmer wants to avoid starting the wire at the same position on each cut, thus diminishing the “witness” entrance line. 


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