CAM Software Maintains Constant Chip Load for Fast Roughing

Vero Software will present its Surfcam CAM software for CNC programming.

Vero Software will present its Surfcam CAM software for CNC programming. The software includes Surfcam Workflow and the Waveform Roughing strategy. Workflow automatically interprets component topology and the required manufacturing environment in order to accelerate toolpath generation for both milling and turning operations. It detects the machining environment and creates an interactively movable origin based on the user’s preferences.

The Waveform Roughing strategy is a high-speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by promoting consistent tool engagement into the material. The cutter moves in a smooth path to avoid sharp changes in direction, which is said to maintain the machine tool’s velocity.

The strategy is designed to ensure a constant volume of material is removed. This strategy can be used for high-speed machining, particularly for harder materials. The strategy distributes wear evenly along the entire cutting length by using as much of the flute length as possible. The radial cut depth is reduced to promote consistent cutting force, enabling cut material to escape from the flutes. According to the company, tool life is extended because most of the heat is removed in the chip.

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