CAM Software Module Optimizes High Speed Machining

SolidCAM2007 R11 features a high speed machining module (HSM) for molds, tools, dies and complex 3D parts. The module includes several CAM enhancements designed for high speed operations. According to developer SolidCAM, these enhancements enable users to avoid sharp angles in the tool path; ensure that the tool stays in contact with the part as much as possible; reduce air cutting by minimizing Z-axis retract levels; and generate smooth and tangential in/out leads.


Any 3D machining strategy can be controlled by specifying either the surface-slope angle to be machined or the machining boundary. In addition, the module includes a set of boundary creation tools, including silhouette boundaries, cutter contact area boundaries, shallow boundaries, theoretical rest area boundaries, rest area boundaries and user-defined boundaries. The module features roughing strategies such as contour, core and rest roughing, and its finishing strategies include constant-Z machining, horizontal machining, linear machining, radial machining and others.

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